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Rock Paper Sky

Welcome to Rock Paper Sky!  I encourage you to explore, experience and appreciate the nature and creative, and all that is offered here on this site.


Rock Paper Sky was developed to help support the continuation of my artwork and bring my creations to the public for viewing and purchase.


About me - Laura Atkins

I am a multi-disciplined mixed-media artist, silversmith, sculptor, printmaker and meteorite hunter.  No matter the medium, my art has always been a manifestation of my love of the outdoors.  These elements come together in my artwork visually, using the influence of my travels throughout the world. From the waters in Michigan, the mountains in Tennessee, the deserts in Arizona, to the most recent influence and spiritual experience, Peru, I seek to translate my passion for the land, culture, and symbols of my travels and adventures into artwork I can share with others.

I can remember as a little girl collecting rocks and bringing them home.  I still have some of them today.  For most of my life I have hiked and backpacked in the mountains.  I have hunted meteorites in the wilds of the Mohave and Sonoran deserts for weeks hunting meteorites, and my latest hunt and find was for the Osceola FL meteorite, trekking through the swamps.  This hunt made the science.org online publication. 

Recently, I made and adventure to Peru, and hiked the Inca Trail.  26 miles of stairs.  No kidding!  And the final passage on Machu Picchu Mountain, and passing through the Sun Gate was such an incredible and spiritual experience, that no other can possibly compare. The Monkey Steps led to the Sun Gate, offering an incredible and awe-inspiring view of the ruins of Machu Picchu.

All these experiences have influenced my life and my art.


About my work

Pachamama, and the gifts of the Earth and Sky are united in organic forms that tell stories and record visual events in time and space.  I strive to evoke familiar feelings of adventure, exploration and sacred connections by combining these elements into works of art.

I have a professional studio degree in Printmaking-Intaglio focus, and working with the metals, and my experience in the forests, deserts, with fossils and rocks, it was only natural that these elements all started to come together in my work.